COVID-19 Response: 3D-Printed Components

Design and Applications of Additive Manufacturing

Prof. James Guest

Additional Team Members:

Prof. Sung Hoon Kang
Prof. Julie Caffrey, JHU School of Medicine
Helen Xun (GS), JHU School of Medicine
Justin Unger (GS)
Alberto Torres (GS)
Michael Vladimirov (GS)
Christopher Shallal (US)
Runhan Tao (MS)

In the midst of ventilator and personal protective equipment shortages due to COVID-19, JAM2 researchers collaborated with colleagues across JHU and other universities to design 3D-printable components for emergency response.  With colleagues in the School of Medicine, they designed multiple components comprising vent-lock, a ventilator splitter system to help mitigate emergency ventilator shortages.  Information about JAM2 researchers contributions to these efforts can be found here, and additional details here.   Dr. Guest and students also collaborated with researchers at UIUC to design and manufacture components for a 3D printed respirator.